Our campus

A home away from


We strive for


Sports is our best


We all are one

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It’s not only a temple of education but also a center for excellence.

Our way to excellence

We develop a competitive spirit; by dividing our students into four different groups, and by regularly organizing an innovative competitions such as quiz, dance, music, theatre, elocution, declamation, fancy dress, etc. We aim to bring out the creativity and hidden talents of our students.


We provide world-class education, develop good etiquettes, and polish overall personality of students.

Educational Trips

We accustom students to the
real-life challenges and prepare
them to be the future leaders.

Result Oriented

Our biggest investment is our students. We give wings to the
dreams of our students.

Our Campus

Our Campus is based on the values such as honesty, respect, confidence, and unity.

We always aim to grow and be
challenged our students our first
priority and making their school life
a memorable experience, we are always
innovating things on our campus. We
will be soon equipped with a world-class
football ground, basketball court,
badminton court, and swimming pool.
Our facilities will not only be limited
to our students but also to every
teenager within the magnificent city

of Bikaner.

What makes us Unique?

Education based on practical experiences

To make our students active and robust, we schedule a sports period at the beginning of the day. Students are flexible to choose their favorite sport to play. This boosts their productivity and makes their day fruitful.

Authentic curriculum Followed

Our academics are entirely based on the NCERT pattern. Our faculty goes the extra mile to give personal attention to each student and accustoms them to real-life work experiences.

We value your investment

Every student is precious to us and we aim to produce the maximum return out of your investment. Along with education, good morals are also a part of our curriculum.

Education with nominal price

Throughout the time period of our students, we follow a strict non-additional fee policy and this makes us stand out in the market. We believe in providing quality education at a nominal investment.

Regular field

We take our students on regular excursions and workplaces to combine their classroom learning with practical experience and this helps them to bring value to any organization.

30:1 Class

Our classroom size is no more than 30:1. This fosters healthy discussion and more activities. Students are always welcome to clarify their doubts with the teacher in the minimum time feasible.

Activities beyond the classroom

Art & Craft

Creativity among the young mind is our supreme importance. We at SHS intimate our students with world-class art & craft trends and activities to pursuit them to think out of the box and create art pieces

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Mind Games

We always organise on-campus chess compitition and memory workshops to broaden the vision of our students and help them to think analytically.