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About Us

No.1 School in Bikaner

Our school’s mission is to learn leadership, the common core, and relationships for life.
Our mission is to provide a safe, disciplined
learning environment that empowers all students
to develop their full potential. We feel strongly
about helping to build leaders that have the ability
to succeed in whatever endeavor they undertake.
Winning is not always the measure of success. Our
students understand the “Win, win” philosophy and
use it in their daily life.

Unity in diversity is the soul of our motherhood. To bring diverse cultures, traditions, and religions close to each other, the school celebrates all festivals like Dussehra, Deepawali, Christmas, Eid, Lohri, etc. with great fanfare. The entire school joins in the festivities and the air echoes with the sound of mirth, laughter, and happiness. Keeping the same ideals in mind, we aim at the holistic development of the students. We provide them ample opportunities for their physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional growth

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help young minds to grow and
learn in a familiar environment.

Our Vision

Shiksha High School is the first step
towards the translation of a visionary’s dream.

Our Values

We value the intellectual growth of all students and staff, recognizing their different learning needs.

Late Mr. Manak Gupta


Born and brought up in Shri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, Mr.Manak
Gupta completed his graduation and moved to Bikaner, where
he further did LLB and LLM along with a job.
He was a gold medalist in LLM. He served as RJS from year 1975
to 1985. Later, he resigned from judicial services and decided to
practice as a lawyer. He dealt with both civil and criminal cases
and was a renowned advocate in Bikaner.
He was always concerned and determined about his duties
towards society and wanted to work for the education of
children. His dream was to see children of all age groups well
educated. And to fulfill this dream, he travelled and observed
more than 80 schools and this experience enlightened him to
establish Shiksha High School in Bikaner.

Mr. Rochak Gupta


A thinker, a planner and a life coach by nature, Rochak Gupta is a lawyer by profession who has a bachelor’s degree in
education. He considers his being an apprentice to his father,has been the greatest of his achievements. Having worked under Mr.Manak Gupta very closely not as a son but as an apprentice indeed he gathered all that his father had in him.
Rochak Gupta has dueled with life fiercely, designed by his father to make him inherit skills of life before things of materialistic value.
Generously accepted by the society, Rochak Gupta’s endeavor is to dedicate himself to social cause.
Shiksha High School being a dream project of his father, by default became the mission of his life.
He aims to ‘educate’ while imparting ‘academic excellence’ to the students.

Mrs. Shilpi Gupta


Believing in running an organization in a well planned way, Mrs. Shilpi Gupta is an advocate by profession. Her other
educational qualifications include B.COM and B.Ed. Her overall
motto is making young minds intelligent, organized and
compatible in this complex world. She believes in being the real
world and faces all the difficulties with all the heart and soul.