School Life

Campus on a tour designed for prospective professional students. You will see how our school like, facilities, students and making students life in school. Meet our pass-out students how they got success and learn more about our programs and decide what is the best for you.


Our aim to educate young people on the benefits of engaging in sports and fitness activities and the
importance of healthy eating to improve
their overall health.

Arts & Culture

Creativity among the young mind is our supreme importance. We at SHS intimate our students with world-class art & culture trends and activities
to pursuit them to think out of the box and create art pieces.

Information Technology

Computer lab is the place where we transform students into personalities who are well equipped
to face the challenges of technically heavily
loaded environment of modern world.

Music Classes

Music education lessons and activity ideas for using music a teaching tool in the primary classroom that suit a range of age groups.

Kids Playzone

Encourage outdoor playing and other activities.The ideal equipment will attract children to play outside,
as compared to a play area that is empty. We have
an extensive range of outdoor playground equipment
that is not only fit for pupils but very enticing to


In a great teacher’s classroom, each students ideas and opinions are valued. Students feel safe to express their feelings and learn to respect and listen to others. Here’s the school provide students with the highest quality of education possible.


Chemistry Lab is well lit and airy keeping in mind the fumes of chemicals and the acids used for experiments. Biology Lab is spacious. It is well equipped with charts, models specimens, etc.

Our goal is to be in the heart of all students and show them there life to success.

Mr. Rochak Gupta (Principal)