About Us

Who We Are

On the one hand the school is growing structurally and bringing laurels on the academic front, on the other hand, special care is taken to improve the overall personality of the students through carefully planned co-curricular activities. In order to develop a competitive spirit, students have been grouped in four houses. Inter house competition like debate, quiz, dance, music, theatre, elocution, declamation, fancy dress, etc. are conducted to keep the children on their active and creative toes and bring out their hidden talents.


Unity in diversity is the soul of our motherhood. To bring diverse cultures, traditions and religions close to each other, the school celebrates all festivals like Dussehra, Deepawali, Christmas, Eid, Lohri, etc. with great fanfare. The entire school joins in the festivities and the air echoes with the sound of mirth, laughter and happiness. Keeping the same ideals in mind, we aim at holistic development of the students. We provide them ample opportunities for their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth


What We Do


The school along with its commitment to academics & co-curricular activities keeps record of the health of each student. During yearly medical check- up by competent doctors special care is taken to examine eyesight, oral health, weight & general health of the students. Suggestions for follow up actions are given in case of a medical problem. When children leave School, they will have developed a set of ethics, social and environmental awareness, a strong academic foundation and kindness of heart that will keep them in good stead as they continue to grow and explore the life they choose.


This is just the beginning. The management has ambitious plans for the school, which will take shape as time unfolds.