Pre-Primary Section

To enhance the learning process, helpful tips like standing lines, sleeping lines and curves are introduced along with phonic sounds of the alphabets. The teachers draw from their wide range of experience to reinforce values and make the worksheets alive by narrating anecdotes, reciting poems and singing songs. These little toddlers are assessed on the basis of the above work done in class including their active participation in class activities and behavior. The teachers of kindergarten mould and encourage the children. They also encourage children to think logically and inculcate the high values in them. They create awareness and concern for the environment thus laying a sound foundation for their future.

Primary Section

The Primary Curriculum is designed so as to encourage and enable the students to achieve the very best that lies within each one of them and to bring out unique strength and ability in each of them as well. It lays stress on development of linguistic, mathematical and experiential skills. Engagement in computers, arts and craft, music and dance, mind games, outdoor activities, intellectual interaction, yoga and games etc. form an integral part of the Primary School schedule and are actively encouraged to develop multiple skills and intelligence.

Middle Section

Our school aims at the all round development of a child’s personality i.e. to bring a practical and positive change in his behavior. This is done through academic and co-curricular activities. To achieve this aim students are provided basic and general knowledge of languages ( to develop linguistic skills), Mathematics, Sciences, Computers etc. correlating it with practical life, so that they can apply this knowledge in their day to day life. All the students are consistently evaluated for their performance under the CBSE exam pattern. Under this pattern we have three Unit Tests & Annual Exam during one academic session.

Senior Section

The students of classes IX and X are provided with the theoretical and practical knowledge in an interactive and student friendly atmosphere which ensures better understanding of the subjects. The system of evaluation is followed as instructed by the Board. As per the CBSE the students are evaluated on the basis of three Unit tests & annual exam held periodically according to the norms of the CBSE. The subjects taught are English, Hindi, Science & Technology, Social Science and Mathematics. Drawing and Computers are taught as subsidiary subjects. Apart from the pen paper tests, the students are also marked on their performance and participation in the activities that they learn in the various clubs. In the class room the students are exposed to quizzes, extempore sessions, debate, poster making etc. Several other co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are held on a regular basis.